Ribchester Revisited is a long-term archaeological project investigating the important village of Ribchester, Lancashire, UK. The village dates back to the Roman period when an auxiliary cavalry fort was established on the north bank of the river Ribble. This project will revisit Ribchester through exploration of the archaeological archives from previous excavations and significant new excavation, its primary objective to explore the evolving use of the interior of the fort and its changing relationship with the Vicus.

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Well the banners are all up now for the market just a few more thing to do then wete all ready for the big day please could we have all your forms in soon and keep sharing this page with all frends family. Market on 28th may 9am.

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This important news has been under embargo until the 1st April. We know from inscriptions that a Sarmatian calvary unit was stationed at the fort from the end of the 2nd century AD. This has resulted in Ribchester being linked to Arthurian legend. Well not any more, last summer we found real archaeological proof of Arthur at Ribchester!


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