Happy New Year!

We’re Back!

Our UCLAN students have returned from their Christmas breaks, and are ready to tackle to the second half of the academic year. The Ribchester team have also been busy, since 2017 ended. Our radio silence, o far this year has been because we have been planning some new content for you all to enjoy!
This year we are going to introduce themed months to our blog, to try to give you a bit more background and detail to Ribchester as a site, and our work there. February will see the introduction of our ‘Finds Month’. Throughout February, the blog posts will be focused on the types of objects we have found, and what they tell us about Roman life in Ribchester.
Over the following months, we will be discussing past excavations at Ribchester, what our excavations have told us about the site, introducing some of the team who you may see hard at work this year, and behind the scenes of our preparations for the dig.
Keep checking back in with us for the latest news and updates
Happy New Year!
Until the next time,