Return to Ribchester 2019

The Village Hall, our home for the month.

Excavation at Ribchester has begun for another year. This year we have quite a large cast of returning students from previous years, as well as a collection of students here for the very first time. For the two authors of this blog, this is our second year of excavating in Ribchester, with both of us coming from far flung Canberra, Australia. The trip here is quite a journey for us with 25 hour flights each way (which don’t come cheap), new time zones, strange weather (we’ve never seen so much rain) and so much green!

But it’s all worth it once we get here. The other archaeologists are fantastic (which is good considering we’re living, eating and digging together for the next month). The camping is something we didn’t miss so much, the field gets bitterly cold on clear nights, but it doesn’t take long for us to get used to it again. With wonderful Janis cooking us
dinner each night (and sometimes lunch at her sandwich shop when our homemade sandwiches start to grate), it doesn’t take long for this village to start feeling like home again either. Most importantly however, the trench is here and ready to be further excavated.

Hard at work in the trench.

The site here in Ribchester is fascinating: an urban style site with complicated layers, features and finds worth shipping ourselves to the other side of the globe for. Coming back and seeing all our work from last year ready and waiting for us to continue it felt a little like coming home.  Ribchester is a singular site, and our trench is a singular puzzle waiting for all of us to figure it out, how could we resist the opportunity to return to finish it?