Ribchester week 2: looking to the future

As of this post, we’ve just finished Week 1 of the excavation for this year. Here’s an update of what we’re working on this week.

Declan Jamieson. Just look at this guy. Bet he eats weird soups.

In the South end of the trench, one of our teams found several postholes and beam slots of what looks to be 3 buildings. Declan, who is on this team, says he is hoping to investigate both the larger postholes and what is underneath the kiln, which is in the same area.

Niamh Shulmeister. Fastest trowel int’ North-West.

Further North is the transitional zone from industrial areas in the South to the military installations further along. There appears to be multiple temporary structures in this area due to the existence of poorly laid stone floors, beam slots and postholes in the same area.

Niamh, who is working in this area, is hoping to find out if the beam slots in this section align with those further South, which would indicate a continuation of the structure into the contexts bordering the road. It could also be indicative of another building in situ of it.

Edward Buxton. Actual sunshine incarnate.

Along the East-West Roman road, our team has found a hole of some sort which has been excavated. Ed is hoping to find out if this hole is related to any beam slots or postholes nearby, which would indicate a structure of some sort cutting into this road. We’ve also continued to excavate this road and have found that the quality of construction improves as we excavate, confirming that the road quality declined overtime.

Drake Marshall. Cool guy. No joke here.

As we move toward the Northern defences we enter the guard house areas. Last week our very own Drake with the help of his other teammates continued excavations of these structures and are edging ever closer to being able to accurately date them. With the road being situated underneath the earlier guardhouse it has been agreed that it cannot be the earliest such building. Hopefully the sharp minds working there can answer this question once and for all.

Kelsie Barett. She whom we endure.

And finally we reach the hardy Northerners working on the defensive wall and beyond, but unlike the final season of ‘Game of Thrones’ we’re confident we’ll reach a satisfying conclusion here. Team member Kelsie was kind enough to spare us a moment today and explain the plan for the wall/ramparts future. The archaeologists will be working down the layers in 5cm spits until they reach the organic layer, giving us an exact time frame for the forts construction. And I must say I can’t wait to find out. This fort has become somewhat of a crush of mine and I want to date it badly.