Roman Military

Roman Forts and the Military   General Information About Roman Forts: These spaces were permanent or semi-permanent bases for Roman troops. Most fort spaces occupy around 20 hectares. The Roman troops occupying these spaces were often auxiliary’s. They were not

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Women and Children in Roman Forts

  Women and Children In Forts:   Previous Arguments: The traditional argument for the presence of women in forts is that they simply were not there. These traditional models advocate that forts were male/military dominated environments and that officers families

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The Wonderful World of Roman Coins

This blog aims to provide a whistle stop tour of Roman coins. However, this by no means represents the entirety of the Roman Coins, denominations, or, designs that can be seen throughout the Empire. Instead we’re aiming to provide a

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Artefact Month!

Hi everyone,   As we posted last week, the plans are now all illustrated! Hooray! But the life of a research assistant is never done (or dull for that matter). The next task is to organise our photo archives. Each

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Happy New Year!

We’re Back!   Our UCLAN students have returned from their Christmas breaks, and are ready to tackle to the second half of the academic year. The Ribchester team have also been busy, since 2017 ended. Our radio silence, o far

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Guardhouse Update

An important part of the Ribchester Revisited project is student training. During the dig more experienced masters students run small teams, giving them experience in leadership and team management. As part of their work the masters students then complete reports

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Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Each year our UCLAN students have to write a field report about their summer excavation when they return to university, and each year we ask for extra elements to be included into this report to demonstrate how much they’ve learned.

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And The Winner Is….

You may remember a couple of weeks ago we posted on Facebook to say that one of our volunteers, Cassie, had been nominated for Young Archaeologist of the Year. We are extremely proud to report that Cassie won the award!

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I Would Walk 500 Miles… (The Fun of Geophysical Survey)

On the 12th October, we took a trip back to Ribchester to present this years’ work to the Friends of Ribchester Roman Museum. A big thank you to those who came to watch Jim’s presentation, and persevered with us despite

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And so it continues…

Hi everyone, My name is Viki Le Quelenec and I’m a PhD student here at the University of Central Lancashire, as well as the research assistant for the Ribchester Revisited project. I’ll be using our blog and social media channels

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